Life Begins on the Other Side of Your Comfort Zone

Life Begins on the Other Side of Your Comfort Zone

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I read this great article that said that in order to find your calling, you need to get out of your personal bubble. I couldn’t agree more – and on that note, I also believe that life begins on the other side of this comfort zone.

When I decided my passion in life, and my purpose, I knew that my dreams would not wait. I had to leave for India. Life gave me the opportunity, and I wasn’t sure when I would get the chance again, so I took it. It was scary. I didn’t know what to expect. I jumped down the rabbit hole.

Where there is progress in my life, fear and discomfort are always present.

In order to go where I have never been, I have to leave where I am. In order to learn something new, I have to be embarrassed, humbled, and possibly humiliated. When something I want calls in the distance, I have to face a challenge to reach it. Life has a way of giving us exactly what we want, but we have to work for it.

Had I not travelled alone, had I waited for someone to come with me to India, I never would have had the chance to come. No one has the same passions as me. No one would have made it possible, let alone, a priority. I had no choice. If I wanted to see India, I had to go alone.

And had I been too afraid to come alone, I never would have met my husband. I never would have had such adventures. I never would have seen the sun setting over New Delhi, or feasted on a Nepali Thali with my husband, during our Nepal adventures. I never would have met all of these wonderful people… And that’s not a future I can live with.

Taking this chance was my saving grace.

Discomfort is part of the journey.

Some of my favorite adventures include some pretty uncomfortable, and sometimes miserable, experiences.
Riding on a plane for 16+ hours is not luxurious. It’s not the most comfortable experience. It’s just not. Neither is riding on a train for 18 hours, or trying to figure out how to use an Indian toilet on a moving train. The smell of Indian railway stations is not welcoming, and they are not clean. But did it keep me away, ever? Being sick to my stomach on the way to Jhansi from Lucknow was also pretty miserable – but I got through it.

Do you know what was at the end of those uncomfortable experiences? The most beautiful locations, memories, food, and adventures. New friends. Stories.

Time is going to pass whether or not you take action. If you spend time trying to work up the courage, it’s only you who is at loss.

Follow your dreams and do it now. Take a leap of faith.


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