My First Raksha Bandhan

My First Raksha Bandhan

So my first time celebrating Raksha Bandhan was while we were at home, in Jhansi.

Simply put, Raksha Bandhan, or Rakhi, is a holiday celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters.

In my family, sisters tie a bracelet made of sacred red thread (decorated with beads, rhinestones, and much more) around the brother’s wrist, and feed him sweets. This specific bracelet for this occasion is known as Rakhi. In exchange, the brothers will touch their feet and give them a gift, or give them money.

This symbolizes that the sister is thankful for the protection she has from her brother, and hopes for a lifetime of protection.

While I would have loved to have made each bracelet, my family didn’t seem as interested in the idea. They brought a few boxes of Rakhi for me to choose from.

I adorned my adopted brothers with Rakhi… Then, as my husband received Rakhi from his sisters and cousin sisters (female cousins), I was surprised to find that they were tying Rakhi on me as well!

Foreign Indian Wife Rakhi 2

So in my family, married women get Rakhi along side their husbands! Its also not just a children’s holiday. 🙂 Even Mummy Ji and Papa Ji were celebrating.

What does your family do for Rakhi?


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