Lakshmi’s Fortune: A Surprising Gift From Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmi’s Fortune: A Surprising Gift From Goddess Lakshmi

The night of Diwali, just before drifting off into a deep sleep, my husband told me: “It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune and prosperity, will come in the night and bless us with good fortune.”

The next day, I was overwhelmed by our current financial situation. I knew we couldn’t continue to live in Delhi when we were not earning any money. We quietly argued about our circumstances. I was panicked that I would have to leave for America to get a job and earn money. (Not something I ever wanted to do… I’m fully against being away from my husband.) Deep down, I knew my husband was doing his best to earn money for us.
I left the room to cool down, and when I returned, I quietly curled up on the couch next to the bed.
Out of nowhere, a thought came to me. A thought so pure and clear, I knew it was Lakshmi.

We can live at home in Jhansi and save up as much money possible. Everything would work out fine, as long as his family accepts our need to leave the house every day to do our freelance work.

Without a doubt or second thought, I knew it was the right thing to do. I spent about an hour talking him into it. After that, it took about a week to get him to see that I was serious.

You see, my husband never really wanted to live at home with his family. He has always dreamed of building a home and settling in Delhi. Things get complicated and stressful at home, and though he has always wanted to take care of his family, he never wanted to live with them full time. As for me, despite my frustrations living at home, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was the right thing for us to do.

Who knows… Maybe this will be the best thing for everyone? Maybe living in a joint-family home will bring us the most happiness? It will certainly make the family happy. Maybe being with his family with bring my husband unexpected contentment.

And so, after we get our marriage certificate (in about two months) we are moving in with his family! It solves our problems of being lonely at home, of not earning enough for food and rent, and of having no way to save money. This is our gift from Goddess Lakshmi.

Despite my best detective work, I was unable to find the original artist of this featured image. If anyone has any information, I will happily give due credit.





10 thoughts on “Lakshmi’s Fortune: A Surprising Gift From Goddess Lakshmi

  1. Hope it works out for you… gotta admit after all my years in India, I wouldn’t chose to live in Jhansi or with in-laws… I long ago learned my limits beyond very short-term temporary situations.

    I would have focused instead on going nuts about finding financial earning solutions that are virtual – paying in the US then funnelling enough to India to augment. Know a few journalists, writers and other free-lancers living in Mumbai doing that as their spouse has a job here and they can’t get a work visa.

    Also check out the cheapest possible modest rent in Delhi – I lived in a small one room barsati for nearly a year, only took local DTC buses to get around, yet still had my independence and ability to access a range of activities that made life rich even if the pocket was poor.

    But that’s me… each one has to find their own path… and wish you well on yours.


    1. Yes, living at home really challenges me in many ways. A few months ago, I wouldn’t have chosen it for myself either. I’m very happy living our independent life in New Delhi. I can wake up when I want, cook and eat what I want, wear what I want… At home, I’m very restricted.
      It’s going to be a challenge, that’s for sure.
      I’ve been trying to find work, but it’s all been in vain. I do a few odd jobs with freelance work while I wait for my main source of income to start giving me work again. I am currently the sole earner, and have been, for many months. My husband has one client who doesn’t pay him, and has been trying to find more work himself.

      We are paying a fair price for rent, but we know we could go even lower. It still wouldn’t be worth it, however.

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  2. I wish you the best of luck for living with your in-laws. I don’t mean to discourage you but for me it was impossible to do. So after a lot of drama we live alone now. Modern-western and traditional Indian needs for privacy are just sooooo different…. I felt that I could never be myself around the family, you know? I can only recommend you to imagine the situations in which you don’t feel good, you just want to lie down and not see anyone…or you want to get yourself a little European snack…nothing will be uncommented, let it be verbally ur nonverbally. I felt like doing something wrong ALL the time. From what i’ve read, your in-laws are not the most modern people…just like mine….
    Being as positive (and maybe a bit näive?) in the beginning as you are now, I couldn’t do it. It is really true what I heard (or read) somewhere:
    “In India we share everything, even privacy”
    All the best for you. Xxx

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    1. Ah yes, I’m all too familiar with it!
      For the longest time, I was fully behind my husband’s desire to NOT live at home. But right now, it feels like the best option for us.
      Even when we go to visit my privacy and independence are taken away from me. My things belong to everyone and vice versa. I don’t share a lot of details about how hard it already is for me to be there, so I assure you I’m not naive. I know fully well how hard it will be, but it’s what is going to have to happen for us.
      And thank you for your well-wishes!


  3. I will strongly recommend that u reconsider your decision. The employment opportunities are in a big city and that is why people from small towns throng to big cities.

    I would suggest that if your husband is not getting ahead in his chosen field theb he should try to find a steady job. right u need a steady income. Once he is financially stable u may have the flexibility of exploring more avenues.

    All young couples face these problema. I too has my share of problems but managed to sail through By financial planning.

    I too felt disheartened which is very natural but knew it will pass away.

    pardon me if I give advice. u need to make a budget and identify your expenses. that way you will have a fair idea of where you are overspending. write them down in a diary. old fashioned but very effective.

    your future lies in Delhi with its opportunities and challenges. don’t get disheartened and give it another shot.


  4. By the way,just to say u crystal, i truely appreciate ur attitudes towards life and the way u love to think that u have shared with us here….overall u are really a nice person and no doubt,a strong women of luck for both of u dear ….enjoy ur life….stay well….


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