Our Small, Impromptu Thanksgiving

Our Small, Impromptu Thanksgiving

A few weeks ago, it was decided that me and my husband would not likely be celebrating Thanksgiving, a traditional American (and Canadian) holiday, this year. For the most part, we knew we weren’t able to afford buying the ingredients for my favorite American dishes, and ultimately we didn’t have time to cook all day. We were both stuck in cycles of working in-between cooking, eating, and finally sleeping.

We spent Thanksgiving last year with DN’s best friend, cooking American food and snacks all day! This year, I hadn’t even realized it was Thanksgiving until it was already 10 PM.

After a disappointing experience at the German Christmas Market yesterday, we went shopping at a local grocery store, in search for ingredients for some of my favorite American comfort foods. My husband, trying to comfort me, insisted we have all of my favorites for dinner. I, on the other hand, insisted we have roti sabji, so he would not die of starvation in the middle of the night. My husband often complains of hunger if he does not eat roti, you see.

None the less, we bought our supplies and left for my sister-in-law’s home to share some of the candy we purchased earlier at the market.
When we arrived, my sister in law curiously searched my husband’s backpack to see what we had purchased. When she discovered we were making a cream-based pasta, she was intrigued. My husband laughed and invited them over to eat with us. Of course, they happily agreed. In the mix of Hindi, I heard the English words, “Pasta party.”

I was feeling a little stressed, on the walk home, as our apartment wasn’t exactly guest-ready, and I wasn’t sure our ingredients could stretch to feed five people. I decided to make another favorite to combat the shortage of pasta: mashed potatoes.

Photo by Jucyrai via Flickr.com

While my husband ran around the house, madly cleaning up, I began cooking dinner.

When they arrived, we were in the kitchen together, finishing dinner. He left to entertain them, and I served them dinner. Before we could eat with them, my sister-in-law came into the kitchen asking for more sauce for her pasta. “It’s so tasty!” She said, surprised, yet laughing. She asked my husband how to make it, and as he told her the recipe, we sat down with our own plates of food.

I was worried they wouldn’t like it, and had cringe-worthy flashbacks of the time my snarky cousin-sister tried to add sugar to Macaroni & Cheese, because she couldn’t stand the bland taste.

Luckily, everyone enjoyed the pasta as well as the mashed potatoes. As we sat and ate, we talked and laughed, and it dawned on me… This is my small, impromptu, humble Thanksgiving! Eating my favorites, surrounded by loved ones… This is it!
While it may not look like a traditional Thanksgiving, it sure felt like one. It was everything I didn’t know I needed. Family shows up when you need them the most, even in ways you don’t expect. ♥ And for that, I am thankful.

Featured image by Let Ideas Compete via Flickr.com


6 thoughts on “Our Small, Impromptu Thanksgiving

  1. Happy for you Crystal! Maybe we should never skip an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends… chances are we have a great surprise like you did 🙂


  2. I must have missed this post. I am really glad your impromptu Thanksgiving was perfect. It sounded wonderful and calm and happy. All of us missed you so much at our dinner table. It made me happy to know you were smiling on the other side of the planet, enjoying some of your favorites.


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