The German Christmas Market

The German Christmas Market

Yesterday we went to the German Christmas Market in New Delhi. The festival that lasts two days, is said to be filled with fun and activities, festive food, cookies (which I was especially interested in), shops of all sorts, handicrafts, and more.

After finishing up work, we got ready, and travelled nearly two hours by metro train to reach the area. We took a rickshaw to the German House, purchased tickets, and headed inside after a thorough security check.

The passages were congested with people merely shifting into each other’s places, like a sliding puzzle. The crowd was a refreshing (and comforting) blend of ethnicities, all gathering in the spirit of Christmas. As we pushed our way through the crowd, we desperately searched for that spirit, assuming it would be just around the corner.

German Christmas Market Delhi crowd

We were pleasantly surprised by the interesting little shops. Some selling luxurious decorations, others selling food, or handicrafts. My favorite were arts from Pakistan, paper crafts from Vietnam (not pictured) and colorful handmade rugs. We passed an overpriced bakery, but then again, we noticed everything was extremely expensive – tailored to the upper class guests.

German Christmas Market Delhi Ornaments
Ornament stall.
German Christmas Market Delhi Pakistani Truck Art
Beautiful art by Kolorobia.
German Christmas Market Delhi Rainbow rug handmade handicraft
Beautiful handmade rugs!

Since reading Cynthia’s article about traditional Swiss cookies, I was in the mood for traditional Christmas cookies, and thought my chances of finding German Christmas cookies were pretty high.

Zimsterne cinnamon star cookies
Photo by Cynthia of Home Cyn Home.

As we wandered about, we came across a shop selling German chocolate and waffles. While the idea of getting chocolate was appealing, it was too expensive. We opted for the waffle and had no regrets. This was my husband’s first time eating a waffle (which he adorably pronounces either baffle or wafer).

German Christmas Market Delhi waffle

We found a coffee shop that sold normally priced chai, coffee, and snacks – but I was hesitant to spend money until we found the cookies I longed for. We found cheese, and I was eager to try it. Sadly, it was very dry, and unlike what I am familiar with.

German Christmas Market Delhi Cheese

We were almost at the entrance when we noticed a small, disorganized painting area for children, that included sheets of paper and colors scattered across the floor. Having seen everything, we realized we weren’t going to find any cookies.

We decided to find food to share, with the rest of our spending money, until we realized that they were not serving traditional Christmas food, but traditional German food – and by that I mean bratwursts and fries. I sulked, though my husband was unaffected. He still wanted to eat it, until I told him what it was made with. Needless to say, we skipped the brats.

As a last resort, we spent our money on candy to share with the family. At the candy stall, the men working there were tripping over themselves to help me. They asked people to move out of my way so I could see. It was slightly odd, but maybe they were eager for customers. We bought two lollipops, and a mix of strawberry jelly candies, chocolate covered cashews, and marshmallows.

On our way home, I sulked.
“Do you want to go to a restaurant?” My husband asked, searching my eyes.
“No, I don’t think so…” I sighed. My husband looked helpless, but I didn’t want him to feel helpless.
“I think I know how I can feel better…” I said, sighing again.
“How?” My husband asked, still looking helpless.
“Let’s go to the store and get a few things. Some pasta?”

His eyes lit up. “Oh, yes! We can do that!”
“I think I’m just going to be disappointed if I keep looking for some place to give me comfort. There’s no restaurant that can make American food, or celebrate Christmas my way. I think I’m going to have to do it myself.” I said. It seemed to ease the burden, and it was comforting just thinking about.

Little did I know, buying pasta turned into a much larger adventure


9 thoughts on “The German Christmas Market

  1. You can find american type of food in Khan Market, Johnny Rockets etc but they are hella expensive. 😦
    I was in Khan market couple weeks ago and I was drooling over everything that screamed west. But everything is so damn expensive it’s crazy. 😦 I was very happy to buy sour cream, but when I opened it at home I was very disappointed, because it tasted like cream cheese…
    I feel very bitter about Christmas this year and I feel like no matter what I try to do or buy it never comforts me.
    What are your plans for Christmas?


  2. Have you been to the Delhi Haat in south delhi where you handicrafts and food from all over India. Right opposite the Delhi Haat is the Khan Market which Agate mentioned famous for foreign food

    Or the Pragati Maidan which is the place to be in winters. Every year during November there is a Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan where you have huge pavilions of different states of India as well as different industries. It is fantastic place and favourite hunting ground of Delhites

    There is a metro station right besides it.


  3. Have you visited Delhi Haat in south delhi. It has stalls selling food and handicrafts from all over India. It is right opposite to the INA Market which is famous for foreign food. You have to got to Rajiv Chowk and then take the train towards HUDA City Centre and get down at INA Station. You might pick up some food from INA Market.

    The other place to be during winter is Pragati Maidan, where the Trade Fair takes place every year. There are huge pavilions of different States of India. It takes place during November every year. It is the place to be during winters in Delhi. There is also a metro station right next to it.


  4. Have you been to Delhi Haat in South Delhi. It has stalls of different States of India with their cuisine. It is just opposite to the Khan Market Agate mentioned. You have to change from Rajiv Chown metro station towards Huda City Centre and get down and INA station.

    The other place to be is Pragati Maidan where the annual trade fair take place every year during November. This is the place to be during this time of the year. It has got huge pavilions of different States. Sometimes there is Auto Expo, Book Fair etc. You can spent a few hours going through the entire place which is quiet huge. What is more there is a metro station nearby.


  5. Awww sorry to hear there was no cookies at the market 😦
    From my experience, all these type of markets and special event fair sell overpriced food and items though. Fun to visit, but not really the type of place you will end up getting good food or a good bargain.

    Christmas as an expat takes a lot of time to get used to. I really remember how sad and miserable I was the first few Christmases in India. It is amazing how much of our own culture we take for granted.
    My advice is to take it slow, make every little thing count and create heaps of new traditions along the way. Sometimes it is as simple as inviting friends over for a night of games or TV watching traditional treats be damned.


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