Happy Winter Solstice (And an Update)

Happy Winter Solstice (And an Update)

I’ve been incredibly busy, lately, working underpaid freelance writing jobs just to pay bills and buy modest Christmas gifts for the nieces and nephews. Aside from that, I had a busy weekend with my fellow foreign friends living here in India.

Friday, I went out without my husband for the first time, and spent time with other ladies married to Indian men. Saturday, I spent the day with my husband, and a friend and her husband (who live in Chandigarh but were visiting Delhi). Sunday, I was thrown back into my normal life, with the bonus of a few odd occurrences.

I was riding a high from being around other non-Indian ladies I can relate with so much, and plummeted into a day of not talking and no one talking to me (because they wanted to talk to each other in Hindi, naturally) and thus  I quietly followed my sister-in-law around like a child. I was frustrated, and in my rebellion, every fiber of my being was rejecting Indian culture.

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t have an appetite for Indian food. I’m eating half of my normal portions, and I feel like I have to force myself to eat it.  I’m craving the familiar more than anything right now.

If I continue to be busy, it’s because I’m working and trying to cope with this new feeling, meanwhile trying to make the most of Christmas.

Featured Image is of a winter cottage (a place I wish I could be) by Stefan Perneborg via Flickr.com


6 thoughts on “Happy Winter Solstice (And an Update)

  1. It sounds like you need a break. My rule of thumb has always been to escape once every 3 months … I’ve been away from Mumbai for 4 months now (with the exception of a week when I went back) and I’m missing the food and the crazy pace …


  2. This is not odd at all, we all need our bunch of people we can relate to and be ourselves with. Over the years I came to realise that I really need my expat friends as much as I need my Indian ones. My desi friends will not necessary grasp or understand certain things that are part of my life, and they really don’t have to or even should. But my fellow foreigners in India do, and we all went through similar experiences and frustrating moments, this helps form a bond no local could ever understand to the core.
    As heathergupta said, it looks like you need a break. I myself don’t really need to escape out of Mumbai, but I absolutely NEED my weekly meets with my expat friends. Even if it is just casual chit chat over a cup of tea for an hour, it feels good.


  3. Sending hugs and happy solstice/christmas/new year wishes! Sounds like you are a bit homesick – get some good comfort American food down you (I would always treat myself to a tin of good old British baked beans) and get on Skype if you can to some of your pals back home.
    I just got back to UK after a month back in India and like Heather, I miss India terribly when I get back here, especially with the cold, grey UK weather and being separated from my man. I’m having the opposite to you -I crave Indian food and find myself eating too much gulab jamen while listening to Bollywood love songs and looking tearfully at pictures of my partner (did I just admit that!?)
    Still it is a pretty normal feeling to want to spend time with other foreigners or even just people that speak in your first language. Things will get better – it takes time to build a new social group in a new country. You are certainly making the right steps. Why don’t you look into some writers retreat workshops? You go away for the weekend and stay in a nice place with a bunch of other writers and do workshops etc on writing. Would be a nice break and a good way to make some new friends with common interests. Internations is a good site also to meet other expats and global minded people and they hold monthly meet ups and parties also. I’m sure I will give you a shout next time I am in Delhi and take you on a girls night out 😉


  4. merry Christmas to u and your husband. cheer up.

    There is something auspicious about Christmas and I have always felt it this time of the year.

    btw we don’t have snow but the chill and fog does give the Christmas feeling.


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