Our Daily Routine

Our Daily Routine

For the past week or so, my mornings have been spent waking up with DN and helping him get ready for work. He usually wakes up before me to heat water for a quick bath. At this point, he sometimes goes to the shop to pick up a fresh packet of milk and bread. He wakes me up with a plate of toast, and sometimes a mug of warm, sweet milk to accompany it. While he is getting ready, I cook him a little something to take to work for lunch. The menu varies, but today it was lachcha paratha – I’m amazed with this discovery, by the way.

After I’ve seen him off, I curl up in front of my laptop, sometimes with fresh fruit, and watch my favorite YouTube video series: Texan in Tokyo. Watching videos from other multicultural families and couples just makes me feel good. After a few videos, I get up to wash the dishes, finish any other chores, and get ready for my day.

When I’m ready, I get to work. Sometimes that entails writing assignments, and sometimes that means working on one of my blogs – both in technical and creative ways. Lately I’ve been working on a series about learning Hindi. I’ve been so inspired to learn Hindi, lately, I’ve decided to teach people what I learn as I go. My husband is very helpful and supportive, answering all my questions at the end of the night.

The lunch menu depends on my mood, although lately I have been in the mood for savory soups and hearty pastas.

DN comes home around 5:30, and if there is milk left, I will make chai for him before he walks through the door. Once he’s had a chance to relax, we will plan dinner, and if necessary, go shopping. If it’s a market day, we’ll head to the market to pick up fresh produce to last us a few days. Most days, we co-cook our meal. Other days, I will take over the kitchen while he works on his website. We have conversations about our day, our ideas, and anything that comes to mind, while we cook.

Sometimes we’ll watch old movies on YouTube while we eat, and other times we will just eat quietly together. This is usually because dinner was particularly exhausting to cook, that day. Dishes usually get washed while cooking, but sometimes it’s impossible to multi-task, so they get washed after dinner. At this time we’ll both check our email and social media accounts one last time before getting ready for bed.

Our daily life isn’t too eventful, but it is very meaningful. We are taking comfort in these peaceful times, and content with the sense of security that DN’s new job has brought us. He’s been working with this company for a month now, and it has already brought us so much stability.Β We could not be any more content.

Featured image is a picture of our dining table (which I also use as my desk in the day time). I spent all day yesterday spring cleaning! Though I have since tied the long ends of the scarf, under the table.


22 thoughts on “Our Daily Routine

      1. Isn’t it none, double negative, which means it is my business. I was joking, just so that Crystal would know what people would ask next. Now ally what about you, any kids yet. πŸ™‚


    1. In reply to your later comment, I think you have a weak grasp on the nuances of English grammar and are trying to make yourself appear educated by citing double negative. Your claims of only “joking so Crystal would know what people would ask next” smack of backpedalling after you were called out for doing exactly that, asking. Crystal knows what to expect without your “help”
      I can only assume you are referring to me as “ally” as you haven’t conjugated that sentence properly either nor even read my name correctly but I’ll humour you with a response. It is none of your business. Why should any person discuss their reproductive choices with a faceless commenter? Please take your nosy commentary and shove it wherever you got your false sense of your own worth from.


      1. Jeez, Either or, neither nor, I think my grasp is pretty good. But you obviously do not have any kids and that is why you are getting so worked up.

        You wear far too much lipstick btw, but if that gets you the attention you want then I am happy for you.

        I shall take the high road and ignore your attempts to pick a fight.


    2. Commenting on my appearance in a particular photo when it’s not relevant to the topic at hand IS picking a fight. Trying to say I’m the one picking a fight is pathetic when it’s blatantly obvious to any reader that you are deflecting your own behaviour onto me.
      You got called out for asking a question that wasn’t any of your business and now you’re digging yourself a deeper hole because you can’t admit that it was inappropriate.
      The only one looking for attention here is you by bothering strangers on the Internet.
      One more tip, your claims of a good grasp on grammar fell flat on the floor when you started the next sentence with “but”.
      I should have been more clear last time. Go away, you annoying troll.


    3. Bravo! Proof positive that you are in fact a moron that you would devolve to the point of quoting Trump.
      The high road involves doing “the right thing” nothing you are doing is right in any way.
      You can’t even take a hint that Crystal doesn’t want you here because she deleted your comment. I’m not touchy at all. I find you hilarious and I feel sorry for you. It must be hard being so dense.


  1. Glad you are sounding happy and content πŸ™‚ Love the idea about learning Hindi help – sign me up! I bought the rosetta stone course but not really started it yet as have NO time!
    I’m in a proper routine also at the moment which generally involves asking my daughter to do things in the morning at least 100 times before she listens, cycle to school, cycle to work, cycle back to school, cycle home (often in the rain), cook, ask my daughter to do things lots whilst not being listened to some more, put daughter to bed, FaceTime my partner, clean and maybe cook some more then collapse into bed ready to do it all over again! Not much time for leisure and pretty lonely so I have introduced yoga one evening a week and swimming on the weekend – nice to have scheduled activities to break up the week and human interaction from someone other than a three year old! Next task: introduce some hindi lessons!


  2. Hey dear! So happy that DN’s new job has brought in stability. I hope you read my message on my previous post, about a content writing project. I told my client about you. It would be nice if you would let me know if you are interested πŸ™‚


  3. Hey dear! So happy that DN’s new job has brought in stability. I hope you read my message on your* previous post, about a content writing project. I told my client about you. It would be nice if you would let me know if you are interested πŸ™‚


  4. I started learning Hindi when I moved to India and really enjoyed the language! Unfortunately, because I stop practicing after moving away I forgot all I that I learnt 😦 Continuous usage/practice is key for a language. In a way your daily routine is very similar to mine.


    1. Yes, practice really is key! Of all the times I’ve picked up Hindi, I’ve forgotten a lot of what I have learned because I didn’t practice it.
      It’s interesting to know our daily routines are similar. πŸ™‚


  5. Having the security of a steady job will give you peace of mind. I’m constantly thinking about good ways of teaching Hindi, while learning Hindi myself. Currently working on a Hindi learning game app which will hopefully be useful to people. Looking forward to your Hindi content.


  6. @crystal

    u could always come to dwarka for cheap veggies. There is a weekly market every Tuesday evening behind sector 6 main market.

    There is another weekly market near dada Dev temple in sector 8. from clothes to vegetables to household goods everything is available.

    may want to check it out yourself. glad to know that u are settling down.


      1. won’t be far away from your place is it?

        I suggest u buy a scooty for short distances. cycle rickshaw are more expensive. u end up paying more for short distance if u don’t have your own vehicle because for long distances there is always the metro.


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