Foreign Indian Wife VLOG!

Foreign Indian Wife VLOG!

Well I’m happy to announce that I am now on YouTube! I hope to take you all on more adventures featuring me, my husband, and our life here in New Delhi, India. I’ve stood back and admired other intercultural vloggers for long enough! I’m just too excited about this.

I’m not typically a social person, and I’m still new to this whole… video thing. But I hope you enjoy and tune into the upcoming videos.

You can see my first video here:



7 thoughts on “Foreign Indian Wife VLOG!

  1. Well done Crystal ! Great to see you discovering yourself in this amazing journey of life in India and growing strength to strength. Cheers Ana


  2. You are shy, congratulations, now we can hope to seen you in flesh and blood more often. Did not know that you give hindi lessons too. Best of luck.


  3. Do you know of any other foreign women living in India married to Indian men? My sister is going to move and marry in India and I would like to know if there is a foreign wife in India community because I am a bit nervous about her moving to India but if she could have some friend connections it would help her to have people to relate to and share experience. I would also like to know about what its like as a foreign woman living in India just to get an idea of how it might be for my sister and so I came across your blog. She will be living near New Delhi but not in it. I myself am in a AMWF marriage and live abroad but live in Eastern Asia.


    1. There are plenty of us living in India! 🙂
      I personally know a few girls in Delhi and just outside of it. Have your sister get in touch with me, I could help her meet the community.
      Thanks for reaching out. I know it’s scary, especially for people who have never been to India. I am confident she will be more than fine, especially when she finds friends within the community.


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