My Surprisingly Wonderful Day

My Surprisingly Wonderful Day

DN and I were both grumpy this morning… But surprisingly, things turned around really quickly!
It was such a beautiful day outside! When DN left for work, I opened the curtains, let the light shine in, and recorded a new video. I was so inspired by the nice weather, I started checking things off of my cleaning to-do list! I swept the balcony that had layers and layers of sandy dust. It took some time, but it’s looking as good as new now.

As I was cleaning, I was waiting for the fruit salesman to pass by with his cart, in hopes to buy some oranges. When he didn’t pass by, I settled for some grapes. The grape salesman had his cart parked in front of the apartment, as other ladies sorted through the grapes they were purchasing. I waited for them to finish, and then purchased 1 KG of grapes.

On my way back inside, a young lady was smiling at me. She seemed to be around my age, or perhaps a little older. “Hello,” she said.
I smiled and said, “Hello.”
The conversation barrier was suddenly broken, and she started talking to me in Hindi. I could only understand bits and pieces. She was asking me where I lived. I told her and asked where she lived. I couldn’t understand her response but her gestures made it clear that she was actually the neighbor who lived across from our apartment.

I remember seeing her from time to time, but I never stopped to look at her face.

She invited me inside with an “Aajao,” and a sweeping gesture. Though I politely declined, as I was covered in dust and still in the process of cleaning. We smiled at each other and went in to our own apartments. About thirty minutes later, she returned, knocking on my door. I opened the door and she smiled. I opened the main gate and she handed me a set of sparkling yellow choori. “For you!” She said. Her face was so innocent and sweet, and I was not expecting it at all!

Normally, I would probably have refused a gift from someone I just met. But I was worried I would offend her if I declined. Especially since I wasn’t sure how well she could speak English. I graciously accepted and thanked her, smiling. She helped me try them on. Although they were small – they fit! It really warmed my heart. Although I was nervous about being social, as I’m not really a social butterfly, the experience was really uplifting.

Maybe now I can make a friend who only speaks Hindi and really challenge my abilities to communicate in Hindi. 🙂

Here’s my latest video, by the way. If you haven’t had the chance to, please visit my YouTube channel and click “subscribe”. I won’t be sharing my videos on this blog every time. 🙂


8 thoughts on “My Surprisingly Wonderful Day

  1. Great that your day turned out nice! That would be really good for practicing Hindi and otherwise, to have a friend next door. What are chooris? Might be good to explain. Maybe you should give her something as well.


  2. congratulations on a new friendship. she knows that u are married and gifted you chooris.

    beware these people are little rustic and known to be unpredictable. be careful while interacting with locals without your husband.


  3. It’s great to make friends with your neighbours! I am still in touch with some of my old neighbours from my old building – they speak English perfectly however. Having someone who speaks no English is excellent and challenging (in a good way) to practise Hindi with – I surprised myself a couple of times recently by my ability to communicate with our maid and also a random old lady in the street. It felt like a veil had lifted and I could finally express myself and make myself understood, even though my accent is very funny apparently!
    Regarding the comment above – it sounds a bit harsh to make such a generalisation (does the person commenting know your neighbours?!) However people do love to gossip and this can cause problems (it’s the same the world over!) but I think you are culturally aware enough not to say anything that would cause you problems and negative gossip. You should have the confidence and freedom to speak to your neighbours and others without your husband present just like any other woman in your building. You are a local now and having an ‘us and them’ attitude towards other local people is not a positive thing to develop. It’s second nature not to differentiate between you and your neighbours when you live in a multicultural city like London or New York. I remember being surprised at how un-cosmopolitan my suburb of Mumbai was and it felt strange initially that I would be treated any different because I was foreign – in London everyone is from everywhere and that is just normal! If you reinforce the difference between you and your neighbours it will only make you feel isolated. If you treat them the same as you would treat your neighbours back in your home country, very fast the novelty of you being foreign and the ‘difference’ will wear off and you can form normal and healthy friendships and really become part of the community.


    1. crystal lives nearby. I am living in this area for the past ten years. I have lived my entire life in Delhi. I talk from my own experience. I am not suggesting that she does not make friends. The locality is an urbanised village and some amount of caution is necessary. I am sorry if u come across as rude.

      interestingly the epic mahabharata describes the area which we call Delhi in the following words “the area has hilly terrain with thorny shrubs. It is infested with poisonous reptiles. The inhabitants are warlike and fierce”.

      very apt description which is relevant even today.


    1. Luckily, Friend, I do have a good amount of caution, even if I am becoming a bit more social. Even among my friends, only a select few know serious details about me. Not everyone has the same access. 🙂
      I am cautious, although I believe being overly cautious is somewhat paranoid.
      For example, my sister-in-law told me to never wear those choori because they could be cursed with black magic.
      Even though there are malicious people out there, I can’t keep my SIL’s mindset. 🙂

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