A Beautiful Update: Time and Family

A Beautiful Update: Time and Family

I have decided not to continue the previous story of my journey home, and keep my feelings on that experience very private. In summary, it was hard. As I crossed the globe, my mission became easier, but the sadness was still present. I was lucky, in a way, as I found a lot of adventure along the way. My flight was suddenly changed and I went on to Hong Kong.

FIW Hong Kong 3
The upper level of the Hong Kong airport.
FIW Hong Kong Airport 2
An interesting shop in Hong Kong
FIW Hong Kong Airport
It was cloudy out, but I could see mountains in the distance. They also had a cute kid’s play area.
FIW Hong Kong Money
Hong Kong money is really cool.
FIW Mango Boba
A mango juice boba drink. πŸ™‚

My Transition Home

As I arrived home, I was greeted by my sister and one of my younger brothers. I was very hungry, so we met up with my mom at one of my favorite American restaurants. When we returned to my mother’s house, I distributed sweets and quickly fell asleep. I did miss DN quite a bit, and I was able to talk to him before sleeping.

After that night, I brought my luggage to my grandmother’s house and have been staying here ever since. My grandparents are very calm and loving, and I’m happy to be spending my time here with them. I haven’t had as much energy as I hoped, but otherwise everything is going well!
I hope to start recording more videos soon. Thank you for your patience until then.

I have found many aspects of being home and American culture, strange, once again. But there is little or no reverse culture shock, this time. I miss Delhi, as it’s easy to get around in Delhi with autorickshaws and the wonderful metro system. In my city, taxis are expensive, and only one metro bus extends to my city from the metro city. So getting around without a car is nearly impossible. I find myself more stuck here, than I ever felt, in India. I have my family to take me to the grocery store or to my doctor, but nothing is as freeing as being able to go out any time and bring what I want and need myself.

But I’ve managed so far, and honestly, there is nothing negative about my experience here – except being without my husband… and we’re working on it.


8 thoughts on “A Beautiful Update: Time and Family

  1. I feel the same whenever I go back to Portugal. As my parents live between two cities, it’s impossible to go anywhere unless it’s by car and, of course, my old car has been passed down to my younger brother, who needs it to go to work. So, whenever I go home I’m always dependent on my mother to drive me around and always feel extremely guilty and restless because of this.
    In London you can go anywhere extremely easily with public transport or walking, so I’m always glad when I go back to my house and am free to walk to the supermarket to get my groceries.
    Enjoy your time with your family πŸ™‚


  2. We really do need better public transportation from the suburbs into neighboring cities and the big city.
    Grandma and Grandpa’s house is pretty calm and mostly relaxing. I’m so glad you are comfortable. There will be more “come as you are” parties soon! πŸ˜‰


  3. Hello!

    I, unfortunately, am not here to give insight, just to compliment you on your excellent writing.
    I know it’s very easy for readers to compliment a blogger on the inspiration of a post, or the need for a particular topic to be discussed.

    The reason I found your post(s) particularly good, is that they are funny, thoughtful, informative, interesting, never misspelt (something which is important to me, as I am both blessed and cursed to have a hawk-eye in this regard, and seeing so much care given, gives me greater joy whilst reading it. Sad I know), startlingly honest, concise (as opposed to sloppy; your writing could easily go all over the place, as is your right, since they are your ‘musings and experiences’), yet somehow casual. I get the feeling of quality as opposed to quantity when I read your stuff, and your interaction/’voice’ with your audience is humble and inviting, and appreciating reader’s help/kind words, rather than unconsciously standoff-ish/superior, or ending your replies with common conversation-enders such as “good luck/bye/take care/honey”, for example.

    No lies, your entries are the most engaging ones I have read, and I recently seem to be fascinated by a lot of ‘foreign wife abroad’ type journals!

    I urge you to never give up writing (if you ever doubt yourself in the future), no matter what it’s about. I think you’ve got a natural gift!

    You make the simplest topics (and sometimes not titles that would normally catch my eye e.g. ‘The Meaning of Dharmapatni’) a pleasure to read.

    So happy your writing exists :))


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