This Little Light of Mine

This Little Light of Mine

Last week, life changed. A bright shining star blessed my universe. I was already happy. I didn’t realize I could be happier. I already knew love, but I never knew love could be so deep and perfect.

Meet her? I didn’t meet her, that day. We had known each other all along. But she did take my breath away when I saw her. She is my shining star. Every day I hold her close, I fall more in love. The only thing left to make this picture perfect, is her papa. We are patiently waiting for him. His visa appointment is early next month… We hope he will get a visitor visa to come meet us, meet my family, and after Christmas, return to India with us. We have hope.

Until then, I’m enjoying learning to be the best mommy I can possibly be. Shine bright, baby girl… And welcome to the world.

Featured Image is not, in fact, my baby girl. Our pictures are still very private. 
Featured Image is, in fact, courtesy of Evagea via

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10 thoughts on “This Little Light of Mine

  1. She is stellar. She is my starshine. I see you in her. I love you both so much. And I can’t wait for her to meet her papa. She will take his breath too. ❤


  2. Came across ur blog. Great and interesting. Brought fresh perspective to my life. Its like reading an endless movie. Curiosity builts up with every article. Happy married life & congratulations for becoming a mother.


  3. congrats dear nd m very happy to hear about ur baby nd ur mariage wid a indian guy as i m also an indian guy so that would be so proud for me tht u got marid with an inndian guy nd living ur life happly…may god bless u..


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